For firms in the chemicals sector, Turkey is the right location for regional operations. Here, industry insiders discuss the merits and challenges of the country.

Dow Turkey & Central Asian Republics

Turkey is located at the intersection of energy-producing and energy-consuming regions; Central Asia and the Middle East, which are some of the world's most substantial energy sources, and Europe, which is one of the biggest consumers of these sources. Turkey is a bridge between these production and consumption areas. In order to commercialize the energy, non-oil and gas industries can be established to generate employment and prosperity. This results in business for Dow in Turkey since many of its future customers are located in these countries. Dow opened the company's South Region office in Gaziantep with a desire to expand our presence in Turkey beyond Kocaeli and Istanbul alone. We aim to be closer to our customers with the South Region office. We set our sights on reaching a greater area in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, with a potential of approximately 45 million new consumers.

MİNE ENÜSTÜN-Managing Director

Croda Turkey

Like everyone else, we saw that Turkey was a growing country. First of all, it has a large population, which makes it attractive. The industry is well established for most of the markets and for others there is a lot of hope. Of course, it is a large market, and many chemical companies have been operating successfully for years. We are still trying to get a share, build up our reputation, and convince our customers that we would be really helping them as the other Croda offices have been for years, such as in Germany and the US.

TİMUR ERK-Chairman

Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association

About 70-80% of the EU's technical environmental regulations are adopted in some way in Turkish regulations. However, implementation is slow and the infrastructure is not sufficiently well established. Having said that, it is working. Even in the EU these regulations are not always fully implemented. All of the technical chemical management regulations, of which REACH is one, are sound regulations, but they are hard to implement, even in the EU. Along with other matters, we see that as a major non-tariff trade barrier for Turkey. The idea behind all these regulations is to protect the environmental values and human health, but at the same time to reduce trade limitations. This is a major roadblock for Turkey. At the same time, transactions with the other countries are really becoming a handicap for Turkey in international trade. TCMA acts like a think tank group for the whole chemical industry, and also for the other sectors. If there is a technical question about environmental issues, the parties come to us. Our input goes, directly or indirectly, back to the government.



Foundation of the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TCMA) was laid down in 1985 based on a resolution offered by Mr. Alber Bilen and supported by industrialists Ali Mansur, Adnan Sener, Timur Erk and Serdar Eraslan. This resolution was anonymously approved later by the 320 attendants of the 1st National Industry Congress held in Ankara , Turkey . The late Prof. Dr. Ali Riza Berkem had also provided invaluable support on establishment of TCMA.

CMA, officially established in 1986, provides professional assistance to the Turkish chemical industry with relevant representation of TCMA in the international arena and heightening the level of scientific and research activities for the domestic chemical industry.

TCMA's primary mission is to provide consultancy and assistance to chemical industry on current and emerging issues through interactions with appropriate government authorities, NGOs and the press media towards development of the chemical industry subsectors and disseminate the knowledge to the cummunity through lecturing at universities and other industry associations as part of the continuing education programs.

Being a member of CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) since 1992, TCMA has been conveying all the current developments on emerging policies at international level to its members along with successful implementation of the Responsible Care initiative since 1993.

Having taking a leading role in the inter-sectorial associations in Turkey , TCMA is continuing to spread its service network throughout Turkey with its select competent and experienced staff and distinguished industrialist members on the Executive Board. Enrichment of our membership roster with new members from all branches of the Turkish chemical industry is an important aspect of our Association vision. We sincerely invite all of the industrialists to maintain close cooperation with the Turkish Chemical manufacturers Association under the motto of “UNITY CREATES POWER”


Timur Erk
Chairman of the Board TCMA