Regulation on EU coordinated gas demand reduction measures

The European Council formally approved the Regulation on coordinated demand reduction measures for gas. Member States will now need to update their National Contingency plans by 31 October 2022 and explain what measures Governments have taken to reduce gas consumption by 15% from 1.08.22-31.03.23.


You can download "EU demand reduction plan consultation - CEFIC - Final" document here.


The purpose of this document is to consult with industrial stakeholders on possible draft criteria for mapping critical cross-border value chains where a disruption could harm key sectors such as food, health and safety in the EU and globally.

To guide industry response, this document includes references to current Member States' approaches to industry prioritization in the event of gas supply disruption.

Prioritization criteria

a) Social and economic criticality

b) Cross-border supply chain criticality

c) Gas dependency

d) Reduction and substitution possibilities

It is up to Member States to decide on the order of preference based on the above criteria, although it is recommended to consider all of them.

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