Cefic EU27 Chemicals Monthly Report Containing June Data Has Been Published (July 2024)

We present the Chemicals Monthly Report prepared by Dr Moncef HADHRI, Director of Economic Affairs at Cefic for your information.


You can access the Chemicals Monthly Briefing prepared by Dr Moncef HADHRI, Economic Affairs Manager at Cefic here.

The key findings are;

  • Industrial production in many developed economies has bottomed out and entered a period of growth; the EU situation is patchy.
  • The current level of overall order books shows a slight improvement in June 2024.
  • EU27 chemicals production on the road to recovery in 2024.
  • EU27 chemicals capacity utilisation improves after the Q1-2023 ‘low’.
  • EU27 chemical industry output outperforms other EU27 manufacturing sectors (Jan-Apr).
  • Main EU27 countries showed better production results in 2024 (Jan-Apr).
  • EU27 chemicals trade surplus reached the highest level (€14.8 bn) since Q1-2002.
  • Specialty chemicals contribute most to EU27 exports in 2024.
  • The US and UK markets are the two main sources of EU27 chemical export growth in 2024.
  • Global chemicals production, up by 4.4% in 2024 (Jan-Apr).

You can also acces the extended Chemicals Monthly Report (CMR) here.