Cefic Statement On The Restrictions Roadmap

The European Chemical Industry Council has published a roadmap statement on the restriction of chemicals.


The European Commission’s Restrictions Roadmap published today is not new, it is largely based on the draft circulated in 2021 and is part of the ongoing legislative process. Such restrictions may have significant impact on industry and value chains; and consequently, on products produced and used in Europe. Our EU industry welcomes the increased transparency on potential upcoming restrictions; as it provides us with foresight to prepare chemicals data like safety, toxicology, social-economic and alternatives. These data will inform the policy development process, in line with well-established REACH processes.

As a next step, we call on the implementation process to ensure clarity of scope, consider risks and impacts on value chains, all based on the latest scientific advancements. A differentiated approach should be taken between industrial, professional and consumer uses of substances. Finally, we know that the restrictions will require a huge amount of resources, not only for industry but from authorities too, including the European Chemicals Agency. We therefore call on sufficient resourcing and expertise to be dedicated to support the upcoming changes.

In this regard, a future regulatory chemicals management system should identify the cases where regulation brings the biggest benefit and enables industry and authorities to focus efforts on actions with the highest impacts, and implement the best solution to control exposure or risks to people and the environment.