Cefic Unveils Its Low-Carbon Technologies Projects Map

European Chemical Industry Council declared its Low Carbon Technologies Project Map


As highlighted in the EU Chemical industry Transition Pathway recently published by the European Commission, the chemical sector is heading towards the biggest transformation in its history. A transformation covering four different dimensions, as we go climate neutral, circular, digital, while transitioning to safe and sustainable chemicals.

A new interactive and customizable map shows planned and ongoing projects and investments in low-carbon technologies made by the EU chemical manufacturers.

Already today, many companies are modifying their production sites and operations across different European countries. While some sites increase their chemical and mechanical recycling capacity, others focus on hydrogen production and carbon capture solutions, or build new biochemicals plants.

To illustrate the transformation of the EU chemical sector, we have created a map to get a “birds-eye view” over the projects and investments that are already taking place in the EU.

The interactive map will guide you through a journey across planned and started industrial projects: you will be able to explore the activities across different European countries and across a broad range of technologies.

From biochemicals plant to chemical recycling, passing by CCS projects, the map showcases the complexity of the chemical sector and the breadth of solutions required for our transformation.

Of course, this is just the beginning. the map is not an exhaustive list and does not feature every single initiative and project planned, started and/or executed by the chemical sector.

We look forward to seeing the map growing!

If you would like to contribute and add your projects to the map, please get in touch with Elena Leonardi (ele@cefic.be) and Elisa Todesco (eto@cefic.be).

Source: Cefic