Responsible Care® is a voluntary initiative, commitment program of the global chemical industry, beyond legal or regulatory compliance.

Responsible Care®, undertakes to companies, national chemistry associations and stakeholders;

•     Continuous improvement in environment, health, safety, information, performance, process-(green production) technologies in order to prevent harm to human health and environment within the life cycle of its products,

•     Effective use of resources and minimizing waste (resource efficiency & circular economy)

•     Cooperation with government institutions and organizations in the development and enforcement of effective regulation (legal legislation) and standards,

Responsible Care® is supported at the European level by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and at the global level by the International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA), and continuity is developed. The ICCA Responsible Care® leadership group (RGLG) supports the global Responsible Care® initiative and includes representatives from national associations and global manufacturing companies around the world. Responsible Care® is a global initiative and its national associations work with member companies to implement this program in their regions. RGLG has developed a number of application milestones for national associations to monitor progress. Based on the Eight Key Features of Responsible Care, this app aims to guide national associations working to create and grow Responsible Care in their milestone regions.  RCLG has developed a series of implementation milestones for national associations to monitor progress. Based on the Eight Key Features of Responsible Care®, these application milestones are intended to guide national associations working to create and grow Responsible Care® in their regions. The ICCA Responsible Care® Global Compact epitomizes this combined commitment. CEOs of more than 580 global chemical manufacturing companies, representing 96 percent of the world's largest chemical companies in total, have voluntarily signed the Responsible Care Global Compact.

You can find the processes for inclusion in the ICCA Responsible Care® Global Charter "Signing Companies" list here.

Responsible Care® (Üçlü Sorumluluk®) is a commitment program implemented by the Chemical Industry in the fields of employee health, technical safety and environmental protection, energy efficiency, resource use and sustainability all over the world. This program was launched in Canada in 1984 and arrived in Europe in 1989. In our country, it has been put into practice under the coordination of the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD) since 1993.


The RC Self-Assessment Web Tool has been opened for assessment for 2022

The Responsible Care Self-Assessment Web Tool has been launched for the 2023 cycle.


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Cefic news-Responsible Care Awards take a different approach this year

In Place Of Awards, This Year Responsible Care Launches Two Online Galleries To Showcase Industry Initiatives


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The Responsible Care® Self-Assessment Web tool's new features and functionality

The Responsible Care® Self-Assessment Web tool is now available with new features and functionality.


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2022 European Responsible Care Awards Gallery,

Following the awards program "Taking care of COVID-19" launched in 2020, this year's aim of the Prize program on a sustainable European economy is to showcase all valid entries in an online gallery summarized in two categories.


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2021 ICCA Responsible Care® Leadership Group Status Report

The Responsible Care® 2021 Status Report has been published by the ICCA Responsible® Care Leadership Group (RCLG).


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Responsible Care® & Sustainability Group Meeting

The Responsible Care® & Sustainability group meeting was held on 24 December 2021.


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Webinar: Responsible Care one year review

The results of the Responsible Care Self-Assessment webtool are presented in the Cefic webinar.


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