Transition Pathway For The EU Chemicals Industry - State of Play

The co-implementation process for the Transition Pathway of the EU chemical industry is in progress. In May 2024, the Commission released its first assessment of the co-implementation process through annual progress report.


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Keys To A Hydrogen Economy In Europe

The European chemical industry aims to become climate neutral by 2050, and accelerating the deployment of a clean hydrogen economy is crucial for this energy transition.


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Cefic Statement On European Council Conclusions: With The New EU Agenda Set, It Is Now Time To Implement It

Following the European Council Conclusions, Heads of State have acknowledged that urgent action is needed to restore Europe’s competitiveness.


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EU adopts 'Net Zero Industry Act'

The EU Council adopted the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) on May 27, 2024.


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Greenhouse Gas Emission Statistics Announced-1990-2022

Türkiye's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Decreased by 2.4 Percent in 2022


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International Organization for Standardization releases ISO 59004 (30 May 2024)

ISO59004, which forms part of the ISO 59000 standards, aims to promote the transition to a circular economy.


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EU Waste Shipment Regulation

The Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR), which restricts the export of waste generated in the European Union to third countries, was published in the EU Official Journal on April 30, 2024.


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A Conversation With Professor Kevin Van Geem On The Challenges And Progress Of Chemical Recycling

In a recent interview, Professor Kevin Van Geem from Ghent University and Annick Meerschman, Cefic Innovation Director, discuss the key role of chemical recycling in achieving a sustainable future.


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Cefic’s Partner, IRISS, Launches Community Platform To Accelerate The Transition To Safe And Sustainable-By-Design

As an EU-funded project, IRISS aims to accelerate the progress towards materials, products and processes that are designed in a safe and sustainable way following the common set of SSbD principles.


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Cefic And RE-Source Platform Partner Up To Boost Access To Renewables

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, has partnered with the RE-Source Platform to help the chemical sector procure more renewable energy.


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Principles and Procedures for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Trainings

The Public Oversight Authority (POA) published the Board Decision on Determination of Procedures and Principles Regarding Corporate Sustainability Reporting Trainings dated June 4, 2024 and numbered 32566 from the Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority.


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Cefic Joins Critical Medicines Alliance: Strategic Autonomy Through A Resilient And Sustainable Pharmaceutical Industry In Europe

Cefic supports the Critical Medicines Alliance with the aim of addressing vulnerabilities around critical medicines; by sharing challenges from the fine chemicals sector and determining the most suitable actions to rebuild resilience in European medicine supply chains.


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Access To Sustainable Carbon: A Key Driver of the Transformation of the Chemical Sector

A sustainable carbon availability strategy is crucial for maintaining the long-term competitiveness of the European chemical industry in a climate-neutral and circular economy.


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IEF-The Role of Carbon Markets in Transitions (March 2024)

The report published by the International Energy Forum (IEF) includes important findings on carbon markets during the transition process to a net-zero economy.


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Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide

This Guide into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide outlines a three-step process to embed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into existing business and reporting processes.


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Turkey's Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Potential

The "Turkey's Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Potential" report prepared by the Resource, Environment and Climate Association (REC) was shared with the public at an event held in Istanbul on March 20, 2024.


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IAM4EU In The Spotlight: Pioneering Advanced Materials For Europe’s Future

European Commission's latest public-private partnership, IAM4EU, is an opportunity to position advanced materials at the forefront of innovation and support Europe’s industrial landscape in its green and digital transition.


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No Alternative To Transformation: Katja Wodjereck’s Vision For A Sustainable Chemical Industry

Addressing the multifaceted nature of sustainability, Wodjereck calls for a comprehensive approach that includes developing new technologies, ensuring the availability of sustainable materials, and addressing the financial aspects of transformation.


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A Fully-Integrated European Industrial Deal To Restore Competitiveness And Achieve Sustainability Goals

A harmonised and fully-integrated European approach are the key for the industry to achive sustainability goals.


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Cefic Welcomes Biotech Initiative, Setting The Stage For Future EU Biotech Act

Cefic welcomes the Communication’s acknowledgement of biotechnology and biomanufacturing’s potential to enhance Europe’s competitive edge and innovation landscape.


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Cefic's 2023 Sustainability Progress Report

Soaring Towards Sustainability: Cefic Launches Its 2023 Report


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Open Letter on Carbon Capture And Utilisation (CCU) Technologies

Carbon Capture And Utilisation (CCU) Should Be Recognised As A Strategic Net Zero Technology In The EU Net Zero Industry Act.


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Achieving A Circular Economy: The Integral Role Of Chemical Recycling In Tackling Plastic Waste

Chemical recycling is a key technology on the path towards achieving circularity goals and recycling targets.


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Role of Bioeconomy

Cefic's new paper sets out specific actions to harness the potential of bio-based and bioderived chemistry in Europe, aiming to optimise its positive influence on the environment, economy, and society.


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Portfolio Sustainability Assessement v2.0

Cefic Helps Shape Future Of Assessing Sustainability Of Business Portfolios


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Low-Carbon Technologies Projects

Cefic has updated Low-Carbon Technologies Project Map with 50 new projects spanning recycling and CSS technologies.


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Regulation on Establishing a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

The regulation on CBAM has been published on EU Official Journal.


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Cefic's Position Paper on the Net-Zero Industry Act

Net-Zero Industry Act is not ready for the obstacle race of global competition to climate neutrality.


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Cyclic PET and Polyester

New Study Highlights Remarkable Benefits Of Complementary Recycling Solutions For PET And Polyester Which Support A Circular Economy In Europe


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EU CBAM Q&A Document

On July 14, 2023, the European Commission published a document containing frequently asked questions and answers on CBAM on the EU website.


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EU CBAM Factsheet

The EU published a Factsheet on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on 10 May 2023.


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Current Information About CBAM

TKSD Information Document containing up-to-date information, fact sheet, questions and answers about CBAM


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Cefic Publishes Manifesto in Relation to the European Green Deal

Cefic Publishes Manifesto ‘Teaming Up For A Climate-Neutral And Competitive Europe’


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Cefic Sustainability Laboratory

Cefic Sustainability Lab Helps Members Navigate Requirements Of Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive


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EU Net-Zero Industry Act Factsheet Dated March 2023

EU Net-Zero Industry Act: Making the EU the Home of Clean Tech. Industries Factsheet March 2023


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"Potential Impact of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on the Turkish Economy" Report

The study titled "Potential Impact of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on the Turkish Economy" conducted jointly by the Directorate of Climate Change and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has been completed and the final version of the report is presented for your information.


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Sustainability: European Green Deal

Update on the "European Green Deal" at the Sustainable Green Business Summit


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Chemical Recycling Technologies Needed To Achieve Circular Economy Goals, New Study Says

According to a new study, Europe’s plastic recycling rate is low and new technologies and strategies are necessary to increase circularity.


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Green Chemistry Boot Camp: Building Skills to Create a Sustainable Future

We cannot achieve a sustainable future just by describing and defining it. We must develop the skills to invent it!


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Digital Technologies for Sustainability in the European Chemical Industry

New Report Offers A Blueprint For Overcoming Bottlenecks And Unlocking The Full Potential Of Digitalisation In The Chemical Industry.


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Green Deal Working Group 2022 Activity Report

GDWG 2022 Activity Report


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Cefic’s Stance on Advanced Materials Strategy for Industrial Leadership

The chemical industry’s capacity for innovation especially in the area of double twin transition is instrumental in designing advanced materials with new functionalities.


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33 European Industry Associations Urge The EU To Adopt Rules To Calculate Chemically Recycled Content In Plastics

The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) together with 30 other industry associations representing major market sectors along the European plastics value chain have issued a joint letter to the European Commission, urging the adoption in 2023 of an EU-harmonized rule for calculating chemically recycled content through mass balance.


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A Circular Economy Opens Up Opportunities For The Chemicals Sector

Founder of Rethink Global, Catherine Weetman calls for systemic changes to create value instead of waste


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Coming Full Circle: Measuring Our Industry’s Sustainability Performance

Cefic’s Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) have been created to collect quality data, which can set a benchmark for future performance.


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Cefic Unveils Its Low-Carbon Technologies Projects Map

European Chemical Industry Council declared its Low Carbon Technologies Project Map


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Cefic Launches Its 2022 Sustainability Progress Report

European Chemical Industry Council initiated its 2022 Sustainability Progress Report speeding up the chemical ndustry's transition to a sustainable future


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Measuring The Emissions Impact In The Chemical Sector: A Guide On Product Carbon Footprint

Together for Sustainability (TfS), a global initiative and a partner of Cefic, has recently launched the “Product Carbon Footprint Guideline for the Chemical Industry”


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Is Water Management The Next Priority For Europe And The Chemical Industry?


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A guide to the application of the EU Taxonomy

The European Commission has published a guide to the application of the EU Taxonomy (01.01.2023)


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Chemical Industry SDG Roadmap


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COP27 and Türkiye

The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations (UN) Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt,


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A Well-Functioning Secondary Raw Materials Market, Aligned Sustainability Performance Criteria And Harmonised Efforts Are Needed To Make Circularity A Reality

The Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) can play a big role in supporting the future of sustainable products in Europe.


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Plastic And Chemical Makers Hopeful Global Plastics Agreement Can Accelerate Circularity, Eliminate Waste

Members of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) joined delegates in Punta Del Este, Uruguay this week for the first meeting of the International Negotiation Committee (INC-1)


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On The Road To Net Zero: Next To Avoiding Emissions, The Industry Will Need To Invest Into Carbon Removal


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Can Carbon Contracts for Difference really boost innovation in Europe

What’s Next For Carbon Contracts For Difference And Can They Really Boost Innovation In Europe?


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Bio-Based, Biodegradable And Compostable Plastics Can Help Europe Become “Fit For 55”

Bio-based plastics (BBP), and biodegradable and compostable plastics (BDCP), play a key role in achieving the “Fit for 55” and climate neutral economy ambitions, as well as the restoring sustainable carbon cycles,


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EU Sustainable Carbon Cycles December 2021 Fact Sheet

Sustainable Carbon Cycles


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Regarding EU CBAM (Border Carbon Regulation Mechanism) Informal Call for Expert Group

An informal expert group will be established by the European Commission Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD) to provide advice and expertise to the Commission


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Cefic President Inspiring The (Chemical) World At Achema 2022

Cefic President and CEO of BASF Dr. Martin Brudermüller presented his vision on the unprecedented transformation that the chemical industry is facing and the moment and how to undergo this transition.


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Türkiye Sustainability Reporting Standards

Türkiye's Sustainability Reporting Standards Will Be Published


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Biodiversity and Business Strategies

Biodiversity Considerations Should Be Integrated Into Chemical Industry’s Business Strategies


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First Set Of Sustainable Development Indicators

How Does The Chemical Industry Measure Up? Cefic Presents Its First Set Of Sustainable Development Indicators


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EU Emissions Trading System Review

EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) Preliminary Analysis study prepared by the EU Commission, European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST)


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Cefic Views on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) proposal needs to be raised for chemicals


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